Vr Box Rk3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses

Vr Box Rk3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses

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With a retractable mobile frame design, the VR BOX has streamlined the mobile loading process into a pull-and-push.

Since the 1st generation of early adopters had learned the hard way about needing to dismantle the front cover in order to answer phone calls, VR BOX's Lead Designer has taken a big step forward for the industry.

The re-imagining of the layout inspired a retractable frame which allows you to answer incoming calls without redundant operation. This evolution saves both time and effort and creates a more streamlined user experience.

Heat Dissipation Apart from the cabinet cover's sliding design, the multi-vent shell also facilitates the dissipation of heat. This allows the device to extend its lifespan as well as providing additional comfort to the wearer for both short and long-term usage.

Earphone Jack Are you feeling anxious about a possible compromise in the auditory experience? Rest easy audiophiles! Ideally placed bullet holes added to both sides of the VR BOX function as the earphone jack depending on user preference. Just plug in your earphone into either of the ports available and you are ready to go! Escape from the hustle and bustle, immerse yourself in a private 3D virtual reality dreamscape.

IPD & Focus Adjustment IPD and Focus can be adjusted to adapt to your eyes. IPD adjustment function enables the distance between the lenses to correctly match every user's interpupillary distance (the distance between the centers of the pupils in both eyes) to have extended range.

Undoubtedly, the ideal solution for glasses wearers would be focus/diopter adjustment ranging 5mm, allowing no glasses to be worn, but enabling users to adapt the lenses to their exact vision prescription.

Adjustable Head Strap Keeping in mind the varying size differences amongst wearers, the ergonomically contoured adjustable head strap is designed with material of a superior elasticity. This provides a consistent level of comfort and stretches when needed so that you may adjust it to fit any user securely.

In addition to the re-design of the outer portions, the interior of the glasses are also made with an ergonomically thoughtful method.

Near the lens portion of the VR BOXyou will find ample use of soft cloth-like material alongside a layer of thin foam cushion, alleviating pressure around the bridge of the nose for wearers. T

his upgrade in design, compared to other products, continues to define the VR BOX as the industry standard when thinking of user comfort.

Space reserved for myopia glasses Besides the adjustable focus/diopter, the VR BOX team has taken eyeglass wearers into consideration with extra space available for most frame sizes at the rear of the lens.

Blu-ray proof toughened glass With built-in Blu-ray proof toughened glass to protect your eyes from ultraviolet, blu-ray and radiation. The Blu-day proof toughened glass is composed of 5 layers, namely, anti-radiation layer, anti-ultraviolet layer, anti-bluray layer, electrostatic adsorption layer and toughened glass layer.

Compatible with 4.7in - 6in Mobiles VR BOX is customized to work with the majority of smartphones sized between 4.7 to 6 inches from any brand, relieving any stress one may have about compatibility with their current and future phone model.

Simply slide your phone into the frame at the back of the multi-vent shell, adjust the IPD & focus, then start any of the dozens of VR applications available in different App stores available to Android & iOS users.

Specifications Weight: 682g Material: ABS + PC eco-friendly material Lens: 33.5mm diameter Anamorphic / amplification: 1%-2% / 1.5-2 times Headband material: Elastic nylon tape Cushioning material: Leather & memory foam Viewing angle: 70-90 degree Fit for mobile phones / systems: 3.5-6 inch phones / Android /Win/IOs