Vixen Atera 6-12X25 Stabilised Zoom Monocular - Champagne Gold

Vixen Atera 6-12X25 Stabilised Zoom Monocular - Champagne Gold

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The vibration cancelling system in the ATERA delivers consistently stable views by compensating for the fine movement of your hands. The slide switch used for the power source eliminates the need to keep pushing the switch during use. For energy saving, it will automatically power off after 5 minutes.

All the lens surfaces are fully multicoated to enhance light transmission for high contrast images. The prism is phase coated to dramatically improve resolution by reducing halation. The high reflectivity dielectric coating maximizes reflection to product clearer and brighter views. The Vibration Cancelling System:


  1. Prism is located a the gimbal rotating base which moves horizontally and vertically. Vibration is cancelled by inertia where the prism remains still when vibration occurs.
  2. Detecting a blurred image. The prisms adjusts direction to display a static image to absorb fine vibration and realize a stable field of view. The interaction of both systems produces vibration compensation of about +/-3 degrees in both the vertical and horizontal directions.