Vanguard Vesta 8X32 Monocular Kit

Vanguard Vesta 8X32 Monocular Kit

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With this monocular you can get 8x closer to the action, while the 32mm objective lens, BaK4 roof prism and multi-coated lenses deliver a clear, crisp image. At just 5 inches/12.7cm long and weighing just 260g, this monopod is incredibly portable. To maximise this portability, the monocular comes with a neck strap to keep it ready for action at a moment’s notice, or safe in a pouch that can be attached to a belt.

For added stability in use, the monocular has a 1/4” thread that allows it to be fitted to a standard monopod that can also be used as a walking aid, or a table tripod.

For use in the field, there is just one long textured focus wheel. This makes it easy and intuitive to focus the monopod, even in cold, wet conditions where you need gloves. You can raise the monocular to your eye and focus in no time to avoid missing any of the action, whether it’s a butterfly on a flower in front of you, or a fast moving object in the distance.

To keep the monocular protected, the body is housed in a thick rubber armour and there are covers for to prevent scratches on the objective lens/eyepiece.

To maximise the versatility the VESTA 8320M Monocular comes with a PA-60 Universal Smartphone Adaptor that allows you to use your smartphone for digiscoping, taking photographs or videos. The adaptor is suitable for almost any smartphone up to 2.15-3.4 inches/55-87mm wide.

The smartphone adaptor simply slots securely onto the monocular. Rubber grips and a threaded clamp allow the phone to be attached securely to the adaptor, and the textured head of the screw allows it to be tightened/loosened with ease. With smartphone camera lenses being in different locations, and even multiple lenses, the adjustable bracket allows the eyepiece to be moved horizontally and vertically to align the monocular eyepiece to the smartphone camera lens.

When used with a tripod or monopod, you can also use the Bluetooth Remote Control which allows you to trigger the camera without needing to touch the smartphone, minimising the risk of movement that blurs the photo. However you choose to use it, the VESTA 8320M and smartphone adaptor opens up a world of possibilities for you to make the most of your smartphone.


  • Compact housing at just 5" x 1 7/8" x 1 3/4" / 12.7cm x 4.7cm x 7.1cm
  • Weighs just 9.1oz/260g making it easy to carry/use over extended periods
  • 8x magnification with 32mm objective lens
  • Focus on objects from just 8ft/2.5m away
  • Single textured focus wheel that is easy to use, even in cold and wet conditions
  • Rubber armour to protect the monocular on the go
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Protective eye cover and objective lens cover to protect the glass when not in use
  • Neck strap to keep the monocular close
  • 1/4” thread that can be attached onto a monopod or tripod
  • Protective pouch to keep the monocular and digiscope adaptor safe when not in use


  • Allows you to use the monocular for digiscoping with your smartphone
  • Adaptor simply slots onto the monocular eyepiece
  • Suitable for almost any smartphone up to 2.15-3.4 inches/55-87mm wide
  • Rubber grips and clamp allow the phone to be attached securely to the adaptor
  • Adjustable bracket allows the eyepiece to be aligned to the smartphone camera lens
  • Bluetooth remote control allows you to trigger the camera without touching the phone