Vanguard Veo Flex 35M Shoulder Bag

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  • Expandable storage space with roll tops
  • A large storage slot for easy access to equipment
  • Use materials to protect equipment well
  • of the roll top portion zipper and buckle 2 double lock structure
  • Interior color easy to find equipment Can hold laptops up to 13 inches
  • Pockets for storing accessories
  • Stylish design
  • Rain cover included

The VEO FLEX is a compact camera bag with enough storage space, with a roll top design for both the backpack and the shoulder bag .

VEO FLEX series backpack or shoulder bag of , stylish roll-top design is a camera bag. Compact but excellent in storage capacity, it is convenient to carry not only camera equipment but also other personal items . We use as much light as possible while using highly durable materials and materials that protect equipment well. The backpack can be used as a regular backpack with the divider removed . In addition, the largest size shoulder bag can accommodate the vanguard's VEO 2GO tripod (within 32 cm in length) . The color is 2 colors of black and blue .

The VEO FLEX 35M is a roll top shoulder bag with a large storage opening and a slim but spacious storage space. Storage ports is not only a zipper, buckle in can be fixed.

The VEO FLEX 35M comes with a divider that holds the camera securely in place. In addition, by adjusting the position of this divider, you can further accommodate lenses, flash and small drone . There is a space at the bottom of the bag that can hold a tripod , and it can hold a Vanguard VEO 2GO tripod (less than 32 cm in length) . The zipper pocket on the front of the bag and the pockets on both sides can store memory cards, lens caps, plastic bottles, smartphones, etc.

  • It comes with a raincover and a padded shoulder belt with excellent cushioning properties.
  • The handle is attached to the top of the bag, so you can carry it by hand. You can also carry this handle through your trolley.
  • Available in 2 colors - black and blue .