Vanguard Pioneer 400 Hunting Belt Bag Realtree Xtr

Vanguard Pioneer 400 Hunting Belt Bag Realtree Xtr

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The PIONEER 400RT is the quintessential hunting go-to companion. This compact waist pack need never be taken off, it stores all your essentials close at hand and easily changes position from front to back on the go.

The Vanguard Pioneer 400RT is a 6 litre waist pack is the ideal compact companion for any hunting expedition.

It will carry all your essentials in quick and easy reach conveniently transforming position from front to back so that you never have to take it off.

While hunting intuitive action in the field is essential and this bag ensures just such an experience.

Compact but still full of dedicated features and details this bag will address any eventuality and stealthily support your every adventure, making sure you never miss a shot. T

The 6 litre main compartment is adequately spacious and the strategically integrated internal and external pockets offer additional dedicated storage and organizational solutions.

Safely stow personal essentials such as your wallet and licenses in the large water tight front pocket; utilize the mesh side pockets to carry water bottle or thermos flask; and deploy the top cord fasteners and hip belt loop connector to attach additional gear. • Silent, water repellent, soft and durable Tricot Realtree Xtra fabric 

Modular hand warmer with built in pocket for warming pads and pocket for personal belongings.

Comfortable carrying - Ergonomically shaped and well-padded waist belt • Sturdy carrying handle • Clips & cords - Versatile connectors for attaching gear • XXL silicone zipper pullers for main opening • Water tight pocket to keep essential items secure, clean and dry • Water resistant, easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable material on the bottom • Orange Rain cover for enhanced personal safety