Tenba Sue Bryce Tote 15 Camera Bag

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When speed is paramount, the Tote is the answer. This bag fits a full professional camera kit (1-2 cameras, 4-6 lenses up to 70-200mm F2.8) plus a 15-inch laptop, and it will enable quick transitions between locations. It meets international carry-on requirements, and the rear trolley strap allows it to slide securely over the handle of the Hat Box Roller (or any other rolling case).


4.20 lbs ( 1.9 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

17 in. W x 12.5 in. H x 8 in.D ( 43 X 32 X 20 cm )

Interior Dimensions

16 in. W x 11.5 in. H x 5.75 in. D ( 41 X 29 X 15 cm )  

Cameras, accessories & girl not included.