Table Top Clamp Stand

Table Top Clamp Stand

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Adjustable Tabletop live broadcast Stand - Desk Mounting Stand Tabletop C Clamp Mount Stand with 1/4 Screw

1. It adopts UNC1/4 design, suitable for equipment with 1/4 threaded interface, and has a wide range of applications.

2. 2.5cm Bold and thickened, the metal tube is resistant to weight and not easy to break.

3. The chuck can be moved, the chuck is strong and durable, the height can be adjusted according to the scene, and the clamping range is 46-74cm.

4. The bracket and the clamp base are designed to be detachable, which is convenient to carry and easy to operate.


Material: metal

Net weight: 406g Size: 9*68cm

Interface: 1/4 threaded ports

Height of lamp stand: 46-68cm 

Lamp holder tube diameter: 2.2cm/2.5cm

Suitable for: lighting, live broadcast, video shooting