Shoulder Support Veery-M For Camcorders

Shoulder Support Veery-M For Camcorders

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This hand free shoulder pad is perfect for dv fans who can use it to avoid hand shaking or vibration while taping. It's must have item for travel or outdoor's photography while using camcorders. It's suitable for all video devices.

Features: COMPATIBILITY: This unit has an adjustable mounting piece which can be used to attach any camera with a standard tripod socket.

COMFORT: Padded supports for your shoulder and abdomen, as well as a body strap allow you to distribute the weight of your camera evenly throughout your body, maximizing comfort.

CONVENIENCE: The strap that goes around your body is easy to put on, simple to adjust, and can be removed effortlessly. Straps Securely to your back for maximum lower lumbar support. Padded Shoulder rest offers comfort and stability. Keeps your camcorder at eye level at all times. Allows you to shoot steady professional videos. Eliminates stress and fatigue Straps securely to your back for maximum lower abdominal support. Easy to put on, adjust and remove. Increase comfort allows you to record for longer duration. Light & Compact.