Ricoh Gw-3 Ww Wide Conversion Lens

Ricoh Gw-3 Ww Wide Conversion Lens

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The GW-3 21mm Wide-Angle Conversion Lens from Ricoh is designed specifically for the Ricoh GR digital camera. The GW-3 will enable a wider angle of view than that offered by the 28mm equivalent lens on the GR camera. With this conversion lens, which provides the 35mm format equivalent of a 21mm lens, you are able to shoot open vistas, cramped interiors and tight, close-in groups shots. The separate GH-3 Adapter is required to attach this lens to the camera. The GW-3 also includes a dedicated lens hood to deflect unwanted light.

  • 0.75x wide conversion lens for use with the GR Digital Camera
  • Provides the angle of view equivalent to a 21mm lens in the 35mm format
  • Attaches to the camera using the separate GH-3 adapter
  • Includes a storage case and lens hood

Special Notes

  • The built-in flash cannot be used effectively with this lens as vignetting may occur