Pentax Kp Dslr Camera Body Only

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  • Pentax24.3MP APS-C AA-Filterless CMOS Sensor
  • PRIME IV Engine with Accelerator Unit
  • Smart Function Exchangeable Grip
  • Full HD 1080p30 Video; 4K Interval Movie
  • SAFOX 11 27-Point AF Sensor
  • ISO 819200; 7 fps Continuous Shooting
  • 5-Axis In-Body Shake Reduction II
  • 3.0" 921k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor
  • Pixel Shift Resolution; Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body

The world is full of wonders. The beautiful, breath taking scenes and exciting moments you experience. The Pentax KP captures these once-in-a-lifetime moments in all their beauty.

The KP's compact body is packed with state-of-the-art technologies including a high-performance optical viewfinder with a user friendly interface. It is also extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and even freezing temperatures. Above all, it boasts overwhelming imaging power, supported by approximately 24.3 effective megapixels and a top sensitivity of ISO 819200.

Regardless of when or where you're shooting, the Pentax KP is a new-generation digital SLR that will capture beautiful fascinating moments wherever in the world you may be. It delivers the true beauty of the world in high quality digital imagery.

Super High Sensitivity Imaging

The Pentax KP couples a new generation CMOS image sensor with the Prime IV imaging engine and an accelerator unit to greatly expand the upper limit of its sensitivity range without generating unwanted noise. With a top sensitivity of ISO 819200 (standard output sensitivity), it ensures super high sensitivity photography to deliver high resolution, rich gradation images. This allows for remarkable reproduction of the subject’s texture and a true-to-life sense of depth, even at higher sensitivities. It also produces high quality images across its entire sensitivity range.

Optical AA Filterless Design

The Pentax KP incorporates a new-generation, APS-C CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.32 effective megapixels to produce high resolution images. It has been engineered to remove the optical AA (anti-aliasing) filter to optimise the image sensor’s outstanding imaging power. The result is sharp, fine detailed images with an accurate sense of depth. By processing image data at a high read-out speed of 14bit, it produces beautiful, rich gradation images.

Pixel Shift Resolution

Driven by the camera’s built in Shake-Reduction, this innovative system captures four images of the same scene by shifting the image sensor by a single pixel for each image, which it then combines into a single composite image. Because it obtains full colour information in each pixel, it delivers super high resolution images which are far more accurate than those captured during the normal shooting process. It assures true-to-life colour reproduction without false colours, while effectively reducing unwanted noise. When the Motion Correction function is activated, it automatically detects the subject’s movement during exposure, and then works to minimise negative effects during the composition process.

Five-axis Shake Reduction Mechanism

The Pentax KP comes equipped with the innovative sensor shift Shake Reduction II, which ensures optimum performance with any lens. In addition to common camera shake caused by pitch and yaw, this five-axis mechanism also compensates for camera shake caused by horizontal and vertical shift (often generated in macro photography). Any camera shake caused by roll, which is difficult to handle by in-lens shake reduction systems is also compensated for. Thanks to a wide compensation range of five shutter steps, it benefits a number of handheld applications, such as when using a telephoto lens or shooting in poorly lit locations, to capture sharp, blur-free images. When taking a panning shot, the Pentax KP detects the direction of the panning action. It then controls the SR II mechanism to compensate for unintentional camera movement. It automatically captures beautiful, high resolution images both in normal shooting and panning photography, without the need to change settings.

27-point AF System

Featuring 27 sensor points across the image field, the Pentax KP’s sophisticated AF system not only captures the subject in sharp focus, but also automatically refocuses on a moving subject as it moves away from the initial point; it does this with the help of neighbouring points. Of the 27 points, 25 cross-type sensors are positioned in the middle to ensure high precision autofocus operation for all types of subjects.

Three centre sensors — one in the middle and two others positioned above and below it — are designed to detect the luminance flux of an F2.8 lens for high precision autofocusing. When using a very fast lens with a maximum aperture of larger than F2.8, these sensors ensure improved focusing accuracy compared to sensors designed for a F5.6 luminance flux.

Scene Analyze AUTO

Supported by the Pentax Real-time Scene Analysis System, this mode automatically optimizes exposure settings, then selects the most appropriate finishing touch for each subject. When using the optical viewfinder, the system is assisted by an algorithm developed through the use of deep learning artificial intelligence technology to perform more complete scene assessment. Simply by setting the camera’s mode dial to AUTO (Scene Analyze AUTO), you are assured of the best finishing touch for each image.

Advanced Automatic Exposure System

In addition to the conventional Av (Aperture-priority) and Tv (Shutter-priority) modes, the Pentax KP provides Pentax original auto-exposure modes that let you express the subject’s motion and the depth of field in the way you want. By setting the Smart Function to the ISO mode, you can flexibly control three primary exposure parameters — aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity – using the front and rear e-dials and the setting dial.

  • P - Hyper Program mode
  • M - Hyper Manual mode
  • Sv - Sensitivity-priority mode
  • TAv - Shutter-speed/Aperture-priority mode
  • B - Bulb mode

Depth-of-field Bracketing and Motion Bracketing

These new functions allow you to capture three different images of the same scene or subject with a single shutter release, without affecting the overall exposure level. Since they don’t require time-consuming manual operation to shift exposure settings, you can concentrate on a shutter chance and image composition.

  • Depth-of-field Bracketing - This function continuously captures three images with different depths of field by automatically raising or lowering the aperture setting in steps.
  • Motion Bracketing - This function continuously captures three images with different expressions of motion by automatically raising or lowering the shutter speed in steps.

Electronically Controlled Shutter

The Pentax KP provides a choice of mechanical and electronic shutter modes. In the electronic shutter mode, the shutter unit produces very little noise and vibration during shutter-curtain operation, making it ideal for shooting in locations where silence is required. This mode also provides a top shutter speed of 1/24000 second, making it handy when you want to use an open aperture in bright, sunny locations. In Live View or mirror lock-up shooting, it provides even quieter, lower-vibration operation.

High-speed Continuous Shooting

The Pentax KP provides high-speed continuous shooting at a top speed of approximately seven images per second. It also lets you choose a speed of approximately 0.8 or three images per second, allowing you to select the speed that best suits the movement of your subject.

Optical Viewfinder with Glass Pentaprism

Thanks to a nearly 100% field of view, the Pentax KP’s viewfinder provides an image field almost identical in size to that of the captured image. The optical design provides a real time view of the subject, while its glass pentaprism delivers a large, well defined image field at approximately 0.95-times magnification (with a 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity). The Natural Bright Matte III focusing screen makes it easy to identify the focus points even when using manual. This standard focusing screen can be replace with optional screens to accommodate specialised applications.

Tilting Screen

The Pentax KP’s LCD screen features a versatile tilt mechanism, which you can position at any desired angle for effortless shooting in both high and low angle situations. In addition to the PENTAX Air Gapless structure, used to minimise reflection, its tempered glass cover assures excellent visibility even in sunny outdoor locations, while effectively protecting it from scratches.

Movie Recording

The Pentax KP captures high resolution Full HD movie clips by taking full advantage of intergangeable lens system and large image sensor. During movie recording, you can also use the Continuous AF (AF.C) mode, or take advantage of advanced features such as aperture control, built-in Shake Reduction, and digital filters. You can even record stereo sound with the built-in mic or opt for an external microphone, adjusting the audio level accordingly. A useful feature in Movie mode is that you can activate recording from standby.

Wi-Fi Functions

The Pentax KP provides Wi-Fi functionality for operation using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. By installing the dedicated Image Sync application on your mobile device, you can also browse images and remotely control camera operations from a distance.