Pentax-FA 31mm f1.8 Limited Lens

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The unique smc PENTAX-FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited lens offers exceptionally high image quality and, when used on a PENTAX DSLR a perspective similar to that of the human eye. It incorporates a glass-moulded aspherical lens element into its 9-element, 7-group optics, and offers sharp, crisp image reproduction, even at the maximum aperture of F1.8. It features a beautiful aluminium body and comes equipped with a flower-shaped lens hood.

Focal length of 31mm for opening up new possibilities in wide-angle expression. This lens uses glass molded aspherical and high-reflection, low dispersion lenses together with a large aperture of F1.8 for sharp imaging performance with natural perspective and high contrast, and the floating lens system allows proper imaging performance at all shooting distances for providing exceptional image quality for every situation. A flower-shaped hood is also integrated in the design for easy operation of circular polarizing filters.

  • This lens incorporates a glass-molded aspherical lens element to minimize spherical aberrations.
  • Sharp, crisp image reproduction, even at the maximum aperture of f/1.8
  • Non-rotating front lens element
  • Built-in lens hood
  • The thin, lightweight design makes it an ideal carry anywhere lens
  • The versatile angle of view produces natural images with a moderate perspective or an expanded depth of field, making it ideal for many different types of subjects and occasions, from snapshots to landscapes to architecture
  • The limited lens series quality offers distinctive visual appeal and a premium appearance with its polished metal design
  • Developed for Pentax film SLR cameras, however full-frame optics are also compatible with Pentax digital SLR cameras