Nissin MG60 AF-TTL Flash

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Professional Compact Flash for Mirrorless Cameras

The Nissin MG60 is a powerful, compact, and durable flash built with a robust heat resistant design for demanding professionals with mirrorless cameras.

The MG60's small size, rapid fire performance, and built-in wireless radio receiver make it a natural choice for fast paced wedding and event photographers. 

Premium Professional Build Quality 

The MG60's rugged build quality is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.  Every version of the MG60, including the Sony multi-interface shoe version, features a metal hot shoe for increased durability.  

Heat Resistant Design with Quartz Flash Tube

The MG60 relies on a superior heat resistant design and materials, including a quartz flash tube and variable zoom head, to allow a high volume of continuous flashes before heat protection interruption.

Non-Locking Flash Head

The Nissin MG60 was designed to make repositioning the flash head easier when shooting with bounce flash.  The non-locking flash head will accommodate the included white diffusion cap, but precludes using heavier light modifiers that attach directly to the flash head.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Nissin's interface makes it easy to use your flash without having to deep dive into multi-level sub menus.  The most commonly used flash functions are quickly accessible using the flash's two selector dials including: manual power, TTL flash compensation, flash zoom, and the modeling light.

The MG60 includes a built-in wireless radio receiver, which means you can use the flash remotely off-camera at distances up to 300' (100m) when it is paired with the Nissin Air 10s Commander or the Nissin MG80 Pro flash.  

Versatile Battery System Uses Li-on, NiMH, or Alkaline Batteries

Running out of power on a shoot is simply not an option for professional photographers. Nissin's patented "Wide Variety Battery System" gives photographers the choice of using high performance 14500 Lithium Ion batteries, or standard NiMH Rechargeable or Alkaline Batteries.

The high capacity 14500 lithium ion battery option provides fast recycle times of 1.4 seconds and long battery life with up to 360 full power flashes (1000mAh batteries).

To ensure the compatibility with your camera please click on this link Compatibility Chart | Nissin Digital Flash