Nissin I40 Flash

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· Guide Number: 40 (ISO100, at 105mm)
· High Speed Sync: 1/8000 Sec shutter speed (except for Fuji model)
· COMPACT size yet powerful, simple to use control
· Constant LED video light with 9 step output level
· Bounce / Auto Zoom/ Manual Zoom head
· E-TTL / E-TTL II for Canon, iTTL for Nikon
· Slave for Digital & Film camera
· Wireless TTL slave flash (Group A,B,C)
· Catch light reflector and wide angle diffuser (16mm)
· Metal hot-shoe with quick release button
· 4 x AA battery with 4 sec full power recharge
· Softbox included, can be used with built in reflector
Dimension: 85x61x85mm
Weight: 203g (without battery & softbox)
*Battery not included