Nikon D200 Battery Grip (Hahnel Brand)

Nikon D200 Battery Grip (Hahnel Brand)

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DSLR accessory designed to be used with 1 or 2 Li-Ion batteries, even of different charge levels, as well as AA Mignon batteries.*

Camera handling is improved with a lower point of gravity with the BatteryGrip in place, especially when long focal lenses are used. Additionally, the stylish BatteryGrip matches perfectly with the camera body. Equipped with a storage compartment for the camera battery door when BatteryGrip is in use.

*Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries can be used with the included AA battery tray for a flexible backup solution when travelling.

AA alkaline batteries will not work with HN-D200 Pro

*1 Li-Ion HL-EL3e battery included. AA batteries not included. Vertical Shutter Release

The Pro Range Grips are fitted with innovative vertical shutter release, making shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as shooting horizontally. The vertical shutter release gives stability and a second set of controls, which exactly mimic the camera's original controls, allowing for vertical shutter release as well as aperture and shutter speed.