Lomography Fisheye One 35Mm Camera

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Capture an enormous 170-degree field of vision with the world's most compact 35mm fisheye camera!

Rocking a sleek new design, the world’s first compact Fisheye camera is back in black. Equipped with a super-wide 170° field of view and built-in flash, the Fisheye One All Black allows you to capture your most precious moments in analogue spheres for an otherworldly look.


Wide-Eyed Perspective

The 170° wide-angle lens of the Fisheye One captures the bigger picture. Seize your memories in gorgeous circular frames and photograph the world like never before.

Built-in Flash

Brighten up your shots with the built-in flash – shoot anywhere and anytime. You never know when you might need a little extra light, and now it is always at the ready.

Uses Convenient 35 mm Film

The Fisheye One accepts all types of 35 mm film – black and white, color, or even trippy color-shifting emulsions. Enjoy shooting in the most common and convenient film format in the world.