Lenspen Photopro Kit Elite Npp-1

Lenspen Photopro Kit Elite Npp-1

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The PhotoPro Kit from Lenspen is a complete kit for keeping your lenses and optics in top shape and free from dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints. Complete with nylon carrying bag that has a convenient belt loop, this kit assures that you'll be able to clean your optics whenever and wherever you go.

The original Lenspen is built with a slightly convex cleaning tip to fit the shape of today's digital lenses. Use it for rifle scopes and binoculars as well as your camera lenses. The tip has no liquid and the included cleaning brush is retractable.

The MiniPro is a slightly smaller version of the Lenspen and can be used on smaller cameras, microscopes and smaller scopes. Like its big brother, it contains a retractable cleaning brush. Both the Lenspen and MiniPro come with a handy replenishment cap that refreshes the cleaning surface of the tip.

The MicroKlear is a very handy microfiber cloth that can be used on cameras, phones-even CDs and DVDs. In fact, you can clean your jewelry and musical instruments with it. Wash it when it gets soiled and reuse it over and over.

As mentioned the included nylon carrying case comes with a belt loop so you'll always have your cleaning kit at the ready. The PhotoPro Kit can save you the aggravation of various contaminants disturbing and spoiling your images - as well as keeping your optics and equipment clean and fresh and helping to maintain their resale value.

Lenspen Lens Cleaner

The LensPen Lens Cleaner is a small, lightweight, pen-shaped cleaning tool, designed for camera lenses and other optical items. Its 0.47" (12 mm) cleaning tip is slightly concave, making it especially compatible with the convex shape of lenses on digital SLR cameras, binoculars, rifle scopes, and more. A retractable brush is included for dust removal.

The cleaning element contains no liquid, and is designed to never dry out. Put the Replenishment Cap back on after using the Lenspen and it will refresh the surface of the tip, assuring that only cleaning compound, not grease, will touch the lens on the next cleaning.

MicroKlear Microfiber Cloth (8.5 x 10.5")

The LensPen MicroKlear Microfiber Cloth can be used on digital camera housings, camcorders, cell phones CDs and DVDs. It can also be effective on glassware, jewelry and musical instruments. This 8.5 x 10.5" cloth can be re-used many times since it is completely washable. It can be used to remove everything from fingerprints to surface oils. It is a soft cloth that is rated safe for all surfaces

MiniPro Lens Cleaner

The Lenspen MiniPro Lens Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaning tool with a 0.32" (8mm) flexible-chamois cleaning tip that's small enough to clean lenses on pocket-sized digital cameras, microscopes, and eyepieces for binoculars and scopes. It's also equipped with a retractable, ultra-fine brush for cleaning dust.

The MiniPro, which is safe to use on all types of lenses, uses a non-liquid carbon cleaning compound that won't spill or dry out. Put the Replenishment Cap back on the MiniPro after use, and it will refresh the surface of the tip, assuring that only cleaning compound, not grease, will touch the lens on the next cleaning