Lenspen Ndk-1 Digiklear

Lenspen Ndk-1 Digiklear

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  • Use for Cleaning LCD Displays

  • 3-Sided Tip for Cleaning in Corners

  • Cleaning Compound Won't Spill or Dry Out

  • Retractable Dust-Removal Brush

  • Environmentally Friendly

The DigiKlear NDK-1 Lenspen quickly and easily cleans dust, smudges and fingerprints from the LCD screen on your digital camera for a clearer and brighter picture. Use the brush end for larger surfaces and the semi-triangular tip end for cleaning into the corners of the screen. This tool also comes in handy for cleaning the screen on a camcorder, PDA, or cell phone. The brush end easily retracts into the pen when not in use and there's also a cap for covering the tip end.