Lenspen Lt-1 Lens/Tablet Cleaner

Lenspen Lt-1 Lens/Tablet Cleaner

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More and more photographers use a tablet to view the finished photos. It is especially useful as we can see the details of the image much larger. LensPen LT-1 sets will be the likes of such photographers, where Sidekick ™, a popularly popular LensPen Original, and a tablet cleanser, are also available.

The Lenspen Laptop Pro is a true "all-in-one" solution for cleaning computers and laptops. At one end, there is an ultra-soft cleansing head that easily removes any stubborn fingerprints using a fluid-free, active carbon-based technology. At the other end, there are two bristles that can be extended: one can blot the dust accumulated on the display and the other one with the buttons on the keypad.

LensPen MicroKlear Microfibre Cleaner 
The Lenspen Microfibre Cleaner is widely used for cleaning optical surfaces, cleaning electronic components, photo and video equipment, mobile phones, televisions, CD and DVD discs, jewelry and glassware as well as many other tools. The wipe removes dirt and greasy dirt, does not flake and does not lick, and does not contain any chemicals, so it leaves no trace behind it. If it is too dirty, it can be washed and reused several times. Size 22x27cm.

  • Lens and tablet cleaner
  • 1 Lenspen Original
  • 1 x Lenspen SDKA-2
  • Activated carbon process​