Kowa TSN-663M 66mm Angled Spotting Scope XD Lens Without Eyepiece

Kowa TSN-663M 66mm Angled Spotting Scope XD Lens Without Eyepiece

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These high performance models are the perfect fusion of compactness and high optical performance.
This Series satisfies the needs of a wide range of users from beginning Bird watchers to scientists and professional researchers..


No ordinary ED lens. Kowa XD lenses are fluorite rich meaning they benefit from all the light gathering and resolution powers that fluorite has to offer. There are many grades of ED (extra low dispersion) glass but you can be sure that Kowa XD (kowa's brand name for their ED lenses) is premium level. Decades of optical development in lens manufacture and coating technology combine to create a 66mm spotting scope of the highest level.


The TSN-660M spotting scope range is designed to perform flawlessly, the ergonomic and tactile body with precise engineering is instantly appreciated when you operate the responsive focus wheel or twist out the sun-shade. Smooth contours and elegant styling give the TSN-660M spotting scope a unique, striking design which pays homage to the many decades of Kowa spotting scope manufacture.


For a scope of this optical quality, the TSN-660M is surprisingly lightweight and extremely portable. A tough, fully waterproof polycarbonate body is utilised to protect the optics and precision engineering. Every material used is chosen because it is strong yet lightweight so that this scope can be enjoyed by all ages.


Kowa offer one of the most comprehensive and easy to use digiscoping product ranges on the market and the TSN-660M is designed to quickly accept this range of adapters on to the built in accessory collar. Connection of DSLR and smartphone adapters is simple, quick and effective - just how digiscoping should be. The bright and sharp 66mm XD lens is the perfect partner to any digiscoping set-up.