Kodak Gold Archival Dvd-R 16X, 4.7Gb / 120Mins

Kodak Gold Archival Dvd-R 16X, 4.7Gb / 120Mins

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• 16x, 4.7GB, 120 minutes
• Kodak Gold media are made with 99.99% pure 24 karat GOLD!
• KODAK Gold DVDs will last for up to 100 years ensuring data integrity family photos, records, or documents, PROTECTED for 100 years

• Kodak GOLD ARCHIVAL media are AA grade (highest quality rating) discs and have the greatest consumer acceptance of all media brands

• Ever wondered why you get errors when burning DVDs?

• It''s probably not your computer but an inferior quality DVD
• Kodak media is FIVE times LESS likely to result in a burn error than other leading A grade brands

• Store your Pictures, Video, Music and Data
• Discs are high capacity and high performance
• Burn with confidence on all major CD/DVD recorders