Jupio Solar Panel 60W

Jupio Solar Panel 60W

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The Jupio SolarPower60 is our first step into the world of solar generated energy.

This solar panel has a maximum output power of 60 Watt with a conversion efficiency of ≥21%.
Included in the box are 2 cables that can be connected by MC4 connectors. Thanks to a variety of 4 different plugs (DC5521, DC7909, Anderson and XT60) this solar panel can be connected to a wide range of power stations such as the Jupio PowerBOX 500.

But it is also possible to connect the SolarPower60 directly to your smartphone or tablet thanks to the built-in USB-A and USB-C ports.
Just plug it in and your battery will be recharged by enjoying the sun.

With a weight of only 2500grams (2.5kg) The SolarPower60 is easy to carry and ideal for outdoor and camping use. It loves the sun, but does not mind some rain either thanks to the IP67 classification.