Hahnel Powercube Wireless Charger

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  • Wireless stand-alone desktop charger
  • Sequentially charge camera battery & mobile phone
  • Can also be used as an accessory for the PROCUBE & PROCUBE2
  • 9V fast charge when connected to QC-compatible device
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 4 x anti-slip rubber feet
  • Charges through cases up to 3mm thick

What is 9V Fast Charging?

When fast charging at 9V, the charging is done at 9V rather than the traditional 5V USB charging. This 9V is enabled when a QC USB adapter is used to power the PowerCUBE, enabling faster charging.

To avail of faster charge times:

  • The adapter must be QC-compatible
  • The mobile device must have a built-in, high performance wireless

receiver which can make use of the higher 9V charge power (such as the Samsung S8+).

  1. Connect to PROCUBE2 / PROCUBE via Micro USB socket to sequentially charge camera battery & mobile phone. Short Micro USB cable is included.
  2. Connect to a suitable QC-enabled device via Micro USB socket to enable 9V fast charging*. The fast-charging capability reduces the overall wireless charge time by 30 minutes*.
  3. Use as a stand-alone wireless charger. Minimalistic design - ideal to use as a desktop charger. Just connect to your laptop to charge.

*Model specific – tested using the Samsung S8+