Gary Fong Lightsphere Wedding & Event Lighting Kit Lsc-Sm-We

Gary Fong Lightsphere Wedding & Event Lighting Kit Lsc-Sm-We

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The Wedding & Event Lighting Kit is for the photographer that wants to achieve a beautiful soft umbrella quality lighting, with that flattering off-camera look. It has everything a busy photographer requires to adapt to the quickly changing environments of both wedding and event photography.

This kit includes a Lightsphere Collapsible and WhiteDome, a 18% GrayDome for color calibration, and AmberDome warming filter. Everything fits into our custom gear bag, making this truly a professional studio-to-go.

The Lightsphere provides a soft omni-directional light for your indoor photography as well as beautiful fill-light for outdoor portraits. Our new speed strap design allows you to easily and securely mount the Lightsphere to your flash, with the confidence that it will not fall off. Adding the WhiteDome to your Lightsphere will allow you to shoot in situations with a low ceiling where you require less bounce as well as when shooting with the flash pointing directly ahead, you’ll have a beautiful soft shoot through diffuser.

Also included in this kit is our 18% color calibration GrayDome to guarantee spot on accurate color by providing your camera with a perfect sample for custom white balancing. The dome shape ensures that light from all directions is calculated in the measurement of your subject.

The AmberDome is a warming filter used for producing a dramatic warm light. It can be used indoor for portraiture, event photography, or during sunsets. When shot in conjunction with setting your camera on tungsten white balance, you can simulate blue skies on a cloudy day. Anywhere you would use a gold reflector you would use the AmberDome.