Gary Fong Chrome Dome

Gary Fong Chrome Dome

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The ChromeDome redirects your speedlite and increases the efficiency of light output toward your subject while maintaining the Lightsphere’s diffusion properties, providing increased efficiency with incredible light quality.

The open top allows non-diffused light to bounce from the ceiling while the chrome plated ‘kicker panel’ reflects light forward and the inverted dome blasts more light into the diffuser – brightening the bowl. Ideal for flash photography of groups. Compatible with the entire Lightsphere family of diffusers, including the new Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount.

Makes Efficient Use of Your Flash

  • There is an open top to allow clear light to hit the ceiling.
  • A chrome-plated kicker panel blows light forward, while the inverted bowl blasts more light into the bowl, brightening the bowl.
  • Increases flash output without sacrificing the softening qualities of the diffusion material.