Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket Gimbal - Black

Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket Gimbal - Black

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The Feiyu Tech VLOGpocket Gimbal is easy to carry, designed for your pocket. The eagle wing-shaped folding design is space-saving.

Small and portable, just pop the Feiyu Tech VLOGpocket Gimbal into your pocket and vlog anywhere, anytime!

Free from leveling as common gimbals, just turn on the gimbal and get started! Grasp every precious moment without wasting time!

One-click switching shooting mode, appreciate the world in different angles. With just a single click to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode, the VLOG Pocket Gimbal is not only for making daily vlog but also for live streaming and creating short video on TikTok.

The VLOG Pocket Gimbal supports built-in cameras, giving you the ultimate experience!

Unlike other stabilisers, which are unfriendly to the Android users, VLOGpocket is a pioneer in supporting all mobile phones' built-in cameras, enabling you to skip the step of connecting APP, providing the same user experience to both IOS and Android users.

Hitchcock dolly zoom, experience clasics. No need for professional equipment, you can shoot a block buster!

With Feiyu ON APP, you can easily achieve Hitchcock dolly zoom shooting and experience the classics.

AI tracking system, guarantees no delay during the work. Specialises in following and shooting objects with a speedy and sensitive in face/object tracking.

Click the button to focus on target, the gimbal will rotate follow the face/objects.

Tracking and shooting without delay makes the gimbal more intelligent!

Lighter body, larger load.

Made of high-performance composite engineering materials with minimalist design and operating system, VLOGpocket is exquisite and practical.

VLOGpocket is the lightest smart phone gimbal with a weight of 272g; equipped with the newest super motor with the maximum payload of 240g, can be applied to all popular mobile phones on the market.