Falcon Eyes Continuous 6 X 28 Watt Cfl Light 628 Kit Lhdk-Lb628

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Create an easy to setup and use lighting kit with the Falcon Eyes Continuous CFL lighting 628 kit.

Easily see how your photo will turn out with the continuous light, no more guessing if the light is too bright or too dim. Included softbox produces soft, even lighting and switch to turn bulbs on/ off individually

Kit includes:

  • 2 x light heads (fits 6 bulbs each head)
  • 2 x Octagonal softbox 80cm
  • 2 x light stand
  • 12 x 28 Watt CFL 5000-5500K E27 bulb


  • Light Head Weight: 1Kg (Head only)
  • Softbox dimension: 80cm Octagonal
  •  Illumination(Lux): 10000(0.5m), 1800(1m), 450(2m)
  • Light stand height: - Min: 70cm, Max: 210cm

Also available separately spare 28W & 55W bulbs,