Energizer Powerbank 10000Mah White Power Delivery

Energizer Powerbank 10000Mah White Power Delivery

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Energizer UE10030MP is the perfect power bank for smartphones Bluetooth earbuds Apple Watch and more. UE10030MP provides 10000mAh capacity giving your smartphone instant boost of power to get through the day.

Triple USB output ports (1 USB -C and 2 USB-A) allow you to charge 3 devices at once. UE10030MP is designed with soft touch housing against fingerprints. The ultra-slim and compact design allows you to fit perfectly in your bag wherever you go. Energizer UE10030MP is the ultimate fast charge power bank with 10000mAh capacity the triple outputs consists 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A that can support fast charge technologies for Apple and Android devices.

With the compatible device the fast charge USB-A charges up to 4x faster than conventional power banks. The USB-C input gives you approx. 3 hours of recharge time. UE10030MP provides instant boost of power for your smartphone the low current mode can sufficiently charge up your Bluetooth earbuds AirPods and Apple Watch.

UE10030MP is designed with linen pattern surface and strong housing the ultra-small and compact design makes it easy to carry and perfect fit in your pocket.