DSLR APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit VSGO DDR-16

DSLR APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit VSGO DDR-16

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Kit Contains:
1 x Sensor Cleaner Fluid (10ml)
10 x Non Full-frame/ APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab 16mm

Professional APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab Kit 12pcs Swab Sticks 15ml Cleanser Pack For DSLR Sensor Lens Screen Keyboard Glasses. The VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit is designed to easily and safely remove stubborn stains and dust from your APS-C size sensor, so you can capture sharp images without dust spots. It is suitable for cleaning CMOS or CCD sensors and includes 12 swabs with a specially designed sensor solution for effective cleaning.

Designed for APS-C Sensors

The cleaning swabs feature a 16mm wide cleaning edge that perfectly matches the size of APS-C sensors allowing you to sweep across the entire sensor area with a single motion.

Superfine Microfibre Swabs

The microfibre used in the swabs is gentle with a superfine 2 micrometre thread size ensuring that it keeps your sensor safe while at the same time picks up even the smallest dust particles. Each swab is individually vacuum packaged to ensure it is completely clean and ready for use.

VSGO Sensor Cleaning Solution

The kit includes a sensor cleaning solution in a unique 15ml leak proof bottle. The non-alcoholic and non corrosive nature of the solution ensures that it preserves sensor and lens coatings while it cleans dirt and dust. By using deionised purified water as a base the solution is more effective at absorbing dust particles and smudges than traditional solutions.

Versatile Application

VSGO Camera Cleaning Kit for APS-C Sensor Cameras is not only perfect for sensors it can be used with any lenses, UV filters, mobile phone screen, computer monitors, spectacles and many more.