Energizer Powerbank 20000Mah Xp20001Pd

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Energizer XP20001PD is the ultimate USB-C Power Delivery power hub with 20000mAh capacity.

The USB-C 45W PD provides Apple fast charge to your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and MacBook. With the 4 USB-A ports, experience fast charging with Max. 4.2A to your multiple devices.

Nevertheless, the dual-input solution allows you to recharge the power bank through either the USB-C input in only 4 hours or a standard Micro USB port. Energizer PowerSafe Management always gives you the safer charging experience. Energizer give you power everyday!!! USB-C Power Delivery.

Charge your MacBook and recharge the power bank with the same USB-C PD input / output port. USB-C to Lighting cable can provide Apple fast charge for iPhone 8/Plus/X.

Five Outputs. 1 USB-C and 4 USB-A output ports for you to share with friends.

Dual Inputs. Recharge your power bank through either the USB-C or Micro USB input port with Max. 3A quick recharging. Ultimate Capacity. 20000mAh power capacity charges a standard smartphone up to 6 times