Feiyutech G6 Max Suitable For Mirrorless, Action Cams & Smartphones

Feiyutech G6 Max Suitable For Mirrorless, Action Cams & Smartphones

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The FeiyuTech G6 Max is the first vlog gimbal for young people!

Main Features
◆ The payload is up to 1.2KG, easily compatible with Camera Sony a7 series and short lens, and more Mirrorless Camera / Action Camera/ Smartphone.
◆ Sliding designed quick release plate with anti-drop screws to release the camera quickly.
◆ 3-axis motor lock, assist to balance and store the gimbal conveniently.
◆ Ergonomic handle design make it easily to hold the gimbal by the curve for labor-saving, and conveniently to hold and operate by single hand.
◆ Increase the size of OLED display screen. Easier to check battery level/ work mode/camera status and other essential status on it.
◆ NEW USB-C port to control the camera photography/video recording/zoom quick smoothly with USB C cable connection.
◆ The operation experience of Multi-function knob is highly improved, accurately to operate and elegant to touch.
◆ Just one tap to enter Inception mode to do auto-rotation movement. Any rotating angle is available at inception mode.
◆ Just one tap to enter/exit Portrait mode for TikTok or Livestream, no need any other extra adapter or re-balance the gimbal again and again.
◆ Set motion time-lapse and the route clearly by guide steps of display on gimbal. Set up long exposure time lapse easily on touch display via cable control way.
◆ Excellent splash-proof technology to carry your water proof GoPro/Smartphone to enjoy shooting fun in the rain.
◆ The auto-adaption feature is precisely improved, which complete the motor strength adjustment in 2 seconds.
◆ The customising the function of trigger and function button help you personalise different working mode to fit individual special needs.
◆ When equipped with optional wireless MIC kit, it can collect high quality sound to help you take VLOG/TikTok video more vividly.
◆ With 1/4 inch thread hole each on the side and bottom of handle allows you to adapt more accessories.
◆ 2200mAh battery capacity provides 9 hours working time for whole day usage.
◆ 360-degree at single-axis/two-axis/three-axis all follow without limitation, suitable for most shooting scenes.

Compatible Camera/Smartphone

Mirrorless camera such as α7sII/7SM2 (55mm/1.8, α6300/α6400/α6500 (28-70mm), QX1 etc.
Pocket camera such as: RX100 IV/ RX100 V/RX100VII/RX100 M5A/ RX100M6/ RX100M7, RX1RII, WX500, HX90 etc.
Mirrorless camera such as : EOS R&RP, M50, M5, M6, G7X, 100D, 200D etc.
G6, G7, GH5S, GH5, GX85, LX10 etc.
Other Mirrorless Cameras
BMPCC (first version), Fuji XT20,Leica D-lux etc.
Action Cameras
Sony RX0,SJCAM J6legend, GoPro5/6/7, Sony FDR-X3000R, HDR-AS50R etc.

Smartphone:Attach smartphone adapter (standard accessory) before mounting. The width of smartphone should be 54-88mm.

The size of compatible cameras for reference:
Camera height (include the height of viewfinder) ≤105mm
The distance from screw hole to the right edge of camera ≤87mm
Maximum length at lens direction: about 125mm

Payload: 1.2kg / 2.65lb

Weight: 665g (include built-in battery, not including the accessories of camera, smartphone, adapter etc.)

Battery Type: 2200mAh, 7.4V. Charge it via USB-C port on gimbal, built-in battery cannot be removed.

Battery Time: 9 hours (Successfully tested on 600g camera in show mode at well-balanced status).  Battery time is depended on the actual payload.

Charging Use: USB C cable for charging via Type C port. Recommend using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery. Quick charging is forbidden. The charging indicator will flash at display when charging and shows full charge symbol when fully charged.

Charging Time: Approximately 3 hours (5V/2A)

Water-Proof Grade: Splash Proof
Rotatable Range
Tilting range:280° (with limitation)
Rolling Range:330° (with limitation)
Panning range:360°(without limitation)

Mounting Camera/GoPro/Smartphone (before powering on)
Place tilt motor on right side (from user view, as picture shown)

Camera: Mount the camera on quick release plate, slide it into the fixed plate from left to right, then fix the safety lock while it is in a suitable position.
Smartphone: It needs to attach smartphone adapter(standard accessory) on the quick release plate before mounting smartphone.
Action Camera: Before mounting GoPro, tighten T clamp adapter (a standard accessory) on the fixed plate by 1/4inch thumb screw.

*Camera not included