FeiyuTech AK4500 Standard Pro Kit 3 Axis Gimbal

FeiyuTech AK4500 Standard Pro Kit 3 Axis Gimbal

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The FeiyuTech AK4500 Standard Pro Kit 3 Axis Gimbal is suitable for a variety of mainstream cameras, support a wealth of peripheral equipment. Make photographer breaking through the limitations of the equipment and be more creative. Includes Follow Focus, Hyper Link Controller & Extension Arm

4.6kg payload, by hard core
Managing to be the lightest DSLR gimbal,AK4500 weighs only 1.6kg with its space-level ultra-light aluminium alloy. The new generation of brushless motor with strong magnetic field and high torsion is super powerful. The maximum payload is 4.6kg which is considered to be the largest payload in the 3kg-grade gimbals. AK4500 can easily burden all the popular DSLRs in the market, the high-performance is beyond your imagination.

Automatically match the power without adjustment. Adopting the brand-new high-performance chip with intelligent anti-shake algorithm, the machine can automatically match the power with Feiyu's exclusive automatic electrodeless super motor. Users can spend less time in adjusting the power of motor manually thus save energy and power.

Switch between the portrait and landscape, fully explore Tik Tok
AK4500 can easily switch the shooting mode between portrait and landscape with just one click. Not only for VLOG but also for creating short videos.

Usage Time In Theory 12 Hours (When camera is balanced with gimbal)
Charging Time ?5 hours by the charger provided and the adapter 5V/3A (quick charger is banned).
When the indicator on charger give a solid red light, that means batteries are charging. With a solid blue light, batteries are fully charged.
Materials In Main Body Aluminum Alloys
Weight 1656g (not included the battery, shutter release cable, camera, lens and so forth)
Water-Proof Grade Not Water-proof


Not included Detachable support frame?

Rotatable Range Tilt: 230ø(with limitation)
Roll: 360ø (Unlimited)
Pan: 360ø (Unlimited)
Controllable Range Tilt: +175ø to -55ø
Roll: 360ø (when parallel to the ground, and works in Dutch-Angle shoot mode, it could be automatically rotated 360øin one circle or several circles)
Pan: 360ø (unlimited)
Quick release plate

There are two kinds of quick release plate together in one. Bottom mounting plate is compatible with Manfrotto PL501, Upper quick release plate is compatible with ARCA quick release system, which can be removed from the gimbal together with the camera, and fast switch between two popular quick release systems without re-assembling and re-balancing the camera.

Installation of Camera and Balance Unlock the motor?Please remember to unlock the motor before mounting the camera and turning it on.
Tighten the camera: Tighten the camera with 1/4 inch screw on upper quick release plate, slightly insert upper quick plate on bottom mounting plate, the auto-lock will automatically move back to fix the upper quick release plate, mount it on bottom mounting plate, and fix the mounting plate with safety lock.
Fix hot shoe at upper side of the camera with fixing frame of tilt axis to get two-way fixation. (make hot shoe less tight to make a convenience of moving camera slightly back and forth and tighten it until tilt axis is balanced).
Extension support applies to those with relatively higher heights, like Canon 5D/ 1DX series.
Note: ? Please place the motor on the right side when putting the lens forward
? Please mount the lens support frame when the lens is longer than mounting plate.
Balance: Step by step to adjust vertical and horizontal direction of tilt axis, roll axis and pan axis. The standard of balance: camera can stay there no matter where you point it to without holding by hand (tilt axis should be perfectly balanced).


Button operations ? Mode Button
Single tap: switch between Pan Mode /Lock Mode.
? Joystick
1 Control gimbal and turn left/right/up/down
2 Adjust parameters of Rotation Time & Scroll Setting
? Camera Button
1 When WIFI of camera is connected with gimbal, single tap camera button to take photo
2 When shutter release cable is attached to both camera and gimbal, single tap camera button to have camera take photo.
Please refer controllable camera listing to take photo.
Video Button
1 When WIFI of camera is connected with gimbal, single tap camera button to control the recording.
2 When shutter release cable is attached to both camera and gimbal, single tap camera button to control the recording.
Please refer controllable camera listing to control the recording.
 Power Button
Long Press: power on & off
 Trigger Button
Long Press and hold: Enter Follow Mode, back to previous mode after loose it.
You can set up this operation to Lock mode, follow mode, sport mode with APP
Double Tap: Reset gimbal, three axis return to initial level, and gimbal works in Pan Mode.
? Function Button
Single tap function button on the main interface to lock/unlock Touch screen.
When other interfaces are activated, single tap function button to go back to the main interface.
? Multi-function Knob
Long Press: switch between gimbal control and camera control
Single Tap: 1) when gimbal control is activated, single tap to switch among
Pan Control / Roll Control / Tilt Control
2) when camera control is activated, and WiFi of camera is connected, single tap to switch
between Zoom and Follow Focus options (They are available to those cameras which provide support). Besides, when a external follow focus unit is connected, its rotation could be controlled.
How to control the camera USB cable control?Control picture-taking with camera button, control the recording with video button, it works with Sony ,Canon, Nikon, Panasonic camera in controllable listing.
WIFI control?: Gimbal can connect with camera via Feiyu On app and WiFi. When connection is done, camera could be controlled to take photo/video/zoom/follow focus.
1 WiFi feature should be included so that camera could be connected via WiFi.
2 Digital Zoom and Follow Focus could be performed when they are supported. Please refer to the list of controllable cameras.
Because Sony does not open source of protocol, thus Follow focus is supported by Sony cameras. If needed, please attach a external follow focus to Sony Camera.
Motor Power Adjustment Auto-match of Motor power is available to the App or Touch Screen. Gimbal also performs the auto-match process after being turned on, according to the load detected.
Available Functions for Users One tap to change working mode, directly show the state of camera connection, Bluetooth ,battery at the display.
One tap to enter Dutch Angle shoot, long exposure timelapse, Vlog Selfie and vertical shooting for TikTok, more special shooting way to be continued .
Manually set up the rotation speed, picture interval, long exposure time and the movement route in auto-rotation mode for long exposure timelapse.
Control and set up the camera, follow focus ,zoom in&out with USB cable control or WIFI control.
Customize the trigger button, motor power, shooting mode, control object ,language,etc.
Initialize the gimbal when it is not level.
Manually set up the shooting angle on tilt axis by hand.
Upgrade the firmware , Set up the parameter, virtual remote control on APP.