Boya By-Bmm400 Conference Microphone Speaker

Boya By-Bmm400 Conference Microphone Speaker

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​The BOYA BY-BMM400 is an omnidirectional conference microphone with speaker, it is specially designed for video shooting and phone call conference.

Including all the necessary cables, the BY-BMM400 can work with smartphones, tablets, PC and MP3 player and more. With portable and compact design and the included carry case, you can take the BY-BMM400 with you nearly anywhere you go and turn easily any room into a conference facility at any anytime and anywhere.

Features 12mm (0.5') omnidirectional microphone, it is capable of capturing sound in a 2m (6.6') radius, with 360-degree voice coverage. It's the ideal choice for video conferencing because it can simultaneously pickup all voices within the effective range.

Integrated built-in amplifier and built-in volume gain control button design, it greatly helps smartphones, tablets, PC to deliver louder
sound during phone call/video conference, make sure everyone can hear everything from the phone call/video conference and at the same time, controls the output sound level very conveniently and flexibly under any occasions.

• Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC and more
• Ideal for video-shooting and phone call conference
• Omni-directional polar pattern
• Excellent sound quality
• Portable and compact design
• Integrated microphone and amplifier
• Pick up sound at 2m (6.6’) radius, with 360-degree coverage 
• 3.5mm headphone monitoring
• Volume gain control available with blue LED indicator
• Mute function