Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal

Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal

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Introducing Benro's Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal.

  • Wireless Charging
  • Extended 24-hour battery life
  • Intelligent following
  • Time Lapse
  • Trajectory Delay
  • Travel Friendly

This unique 3 axis, foldable pocket gimbal turns your smartphone into a makeshift professional shooting rig, allowing for amazing shooting functions. Need to shoot in slow motion? Be able to track objects & faces? Capture time lapses while static or on the move? This is the gimbal for you!

Weighing only 440 grams, the Benro P1 is extremely portable, converting into a folded 1-axis gimbal for space saving travel. When you're setting up, this folding structure takes little time to get going. The simple control panel allows for easy operation - fo example, you can switch between horizontal & vertical orientation by pressing the M key, it's as easy as that! The included app not only includes time-lapse & smart tracking, it contains multiple functions for better ease-of-use.

The Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal is a fantastic accessory for everybody who has ever shot images or videos on their phone, who vlogs, who streams on Facebook, who posts stories on Instagram, who takes their life and sends it to the World.

If you need a high quality microphone, the Mic interface supports third party microphones, improving the audio quality for all kinds of shooting & streaming.

Made from premium materials, as well as high strength and precise brushless motors, allows for stable shooting with phones up to 310 grams. A 2000mAh battery means you can have up to 24 hours of life, and it even supports wireless charging.