Benro Hd3 3 Way Tripod Head

Benro Hd3 3 Way Tripod Head

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Benro's HD3 3-Way Panhead is the largest of their line of HD lightweight magnesium alloy 3-way panheads - it weighs 1 kg, but supports up to 12 kg of equipment.

The smooth front and horizontal tilt and pan movements and snap-in quick-release plate system with dual locks make this a valuable addition to your camera kit. Graduated scales for quick repositioning, a separate pan knob, and a built-in bubble level make this a must-have.

A PH-10 quick-release plate is included. Graduated Angle Scale See and set the position of your tilts and pans Snap-in Quick Release Plate Interchangeable QR system assures effortless and rapid camera changes Separate Pan Knob Independent pan and lock control Integrated Bubble Level Allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and tripod head movements.

Dual Locking Quick Release System Patented spring lock combined with manual release provide extra security