Benro Gimbal Head Carbon Fibre

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Essential for long, heavy lenses, the GH5C Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head from Benro supports up to 30 kg and weighs only 1.1 kg.
The Benro GH5C Gimbal is ideal for live sports photography, wildlife photography and bird watching.
The camera plate clamp is Arca-compatible and allows for quick attachment and release of your camera and lens. The black anodised aluminum PL100LW light-weight camera plate has been machined to reduce weight as much as possible without compromising performance.
A vertical scale and a 360ø panoramic scale allow for easy adjustments and repeatable pans, while a large pivot tension knob enables smooth tilts. A separate knob locks the panning motion, for more complete adjustment control.
MAXIMUM LOAD 66 lb (30 kg)
WEIGHT 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)