Acuter Voyager MAK80 Maksutov OTA Cassegrain Telescope Set

Acuter Voyager MAK80 Maksutov OTA Cassegrain Telescope Set

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The new ACUTER VOYAGER MAK80 is a high quality and powerful Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with 80 mm aperture. This compact and easily transportable telescope is ideal for observing and learning about the night sky. Since the image is upright and fully corrected, you can also observe nature during the daytime. You can also capture images using your own smartphone using the included smartphone adaptor. It is compact and convenient enough to take it with you on your next vacation trip.

The set consists of an 80 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope OTA with 800 mm focal length, a 40x and 80x magnifying eyepiece, an optical 8x21 viewfinder, a particularly high-quality, phase-corrected 90° roof prism with image erection as well as a smartphone adapter and a carrying case. The set comes in an attractive gift box with a handle for easy transport.

The telescope can be expanded as required with optionally available standard 1.25" telescope eyepieces to increase the range of magnifications. The telescope can be mounted via the standard 1/4" tripod thread on any photographic tripod. Mounting is also possible on astronomical mountings via the 45 mm Vixen/Sky-Watcher dovetail bar.

The Maksutov telescope is named after Dmitri Maksutov (1896-1964), a Russian optician and astronomer who introduced this telescope design in 1941.