95Mm Lens Protector Dhg Filter (Marumi)

95Mm Lens Protector Dhg Filter (Marumi)

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Marumi Digital High Grade filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind. Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS sensors.

Minimizes flare-ghost and optimizes the performance of lenses for digital imaging. Due to the very thin frame, pictures taken with super wide-angle lens are not to be vignetted.

Key Features:

  • Special Coating New developed ultra-low reflection coating for digital cameras does minimize flare and ghost.
  • Black-ink process on outer rim of Lens Outer rim is painted in black to minimize inner reflection.
  • Special frame "Satin" - like smooth frame having quality appearance does minimize extra reflection.