52Mm Circular Polarising Filter (52Mm Cpl) Fit & Slim Marumi

52Mm Circular Polarising Filter (52Mm Cpl) Fit & Slim Marumi

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The Marumi FIT+SLIM Circular Polarizer is especially well-suited to whom coating is not mandatory.

  • Both hue reproducibility and high saturation color reproducibility are achievable simultaneously.
  • While color neutrality is given priority, the transmittance rate remains approx 30%. (400-700nm average)
  • Realized a thin aluminum frame to avoid vignetting even with a wide-angle lens
  • Lightweight and rotating mount structure
  • Made in Japan, indurated lamination technology by decades of technical succession.

What are the benefits of using a polarizing filter?
Why is polarizing filter recognized among most photographers as an essential must-have filter? Does Photoshop or other equivalent editing tool work instead of polarizer?

A polarizing filter allows you to;
- control reflections from non-metallic objects; the surface of water, window, or glossy coating/painting.
- prevent and reduce glare, still however, allow plenty of light through. It also makes subjects underwater transparent.
- Enhance color saturation and contrast, especially under a scene of deep blue sky, vivid white clouds, spring greenery, or autumn color of leaves.

Have you ever experienced, when taking landscape photography, ending up with a little different color from the actual landscape you have seen? The sky must have been more vivid and bluish in your eyes.
A polarizing filter can properly contrast the crystal blue sky and the white clouds. 
Many photographers predominantly carry a polarizing filter, particularly for landscape photography next step after Lens Protector/UV filter in terms of protection, for some reason.
The effects of polarizers cannot be easily mimicked with digital editing. Carrying a polarizer makes your image more vivid and clear, turning the actual landscape you've seen into your picture.