Midnight Optics Explorer Night Vision Helmet Kit

Midnight Optics Explorer Night Vision Helmet Kit

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  • Light weight 400g for easy carrying
  • Full colour Day Mode
  • Dual 1.4″ displays
  • Powerful 850nm to see in the dark out to 300m away
  • Head strap included for hands free use
  • Record full HD videos with audio at 30fps
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Adjustable IR brightness through 7 levels
  • Adjustable IR sensitivity to combat IR washout
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Soft shell travel case included
  • Neck strap, head strap, ABS helmet and Dovetail Mount included
  • 4 different viewing modes available to suit your needs

The Midnight Optics Explorer range represents the latest in affordable and great value night vision. Featuring the latest generation low-light sensor, the Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars create a full HD view in both day and night. With an in-built 850nm infrared illuminator, this provides visibility up to 300m in complete darkness.

The Midnight Optics Explorer Helmet Kit is the premium offering in the range and comes with an ABS Helmet and Dovetail Mounting system, giving you everything you need to operate hands free.

The Midnight Optics Explorer range is ideal for camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing, search and rescue, surveillance, hunting trips and wildlife spotting.