Vixen Digiscope Adapter For Smartphone - 32-53mm

  • $120.00
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  • Capture Photos/Video through Eyepiece
  • For Telescopes, Spotters, Binoculars
  • Simple Clamp System - No Tools Required
  • Fits a Wide Range of Smartphones
  • 300 grams Payload Capacity

Take astrophotography images with your Smart Phone. Attach your camera to your telescope with this adapter that is designed to pinch the barrel or visual back of an eyepiece having a grip of 32mm to 53mm (between 1,26" and 2,08") in diameter. With supplementary pinch sleeves, the adapter will work with smart phones sized 19mm to 43mm (between 0.75" and 1.69") in diameter.

The eyepiece pinch posts hold an eyepiece simultaneously by simply turning the eyepiece clamp knob.

The vertical and horizontal clamp arms with rubber claw hold a smartphone securely and they enable you to set the camera lens in line with the center of the eyepiece's field of view.

Smartphones sized between 58mm and 110m in width (minor axis length) and between 4.25" (108mm) and 7.8" (200mm) in height (major axis length) can be attached with this adapter. The smart phone must have a thickness of less than .6" (15mm).

* mobile phone, microscope, telescope, etc not included.