Vanguard QS-65 Quick Release Plate

Vanguard QS-65 Quick Release Plate

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The Vanguard QS-65 Quick Shoe is an Arca compatible quick release plate with a 1/4" camera screw and anti-slip rubber pads to provide a solid and steady link to your chosen head in just seconds.

This quick shoe features four diagonal rubber strips for maximum grip, and with 4-sides to attach to the tripod head clamp, it can be positioned at 90° angles to allow a 2-way pan-head to do portrait shots, or just for maximum flexibility on any head.

The quick shoe can be attached securely to the base of the camera:

  • By hand using the D-ring
  • Using an Allen key
  • Using a coin
  • Using a screwdriver

Having the same number of quick release shoes as the number of cameras/scopes ensures that your kit can be changed without the need to transfer the quick release plate, saving time for professional and amateur photographers alike.

Compatible with the following Vanguard products:

  • VEO Tripod Heads
  • Alta BH
  • Alta GH
  • Alta PH-32
  • Alta PH-31
  • PH-114V
  • TBH
  • BBH
  • GH-200
  • GH-300T

As well as any other brand's Arca compatible head.