Kenko Drone Filter Kit Ph4 Pro/Adv (Nd 4/8/16/32) 4Pk**

Kenko Drone Filter Kit Ph4 Pro/Adv (Nd 4/8/16/32) 4Pk**

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Advance Drone Filters IRND KIT is a convenient set of 4 IRND filters compatible with DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO/ADVANCED drones. Each filter features a different density, to be suitable to any kind of light intensity conditions. The frame design pursues for maximum light and does not affect the drone’s gimbal or flight operations. Being a screw-type, it also secures the filter to the drone’s camera with no risk of falling off. IRND KIT filters also incorporate an anti-reflection and water-repellent coating. For all those demanding for high quality aerial footage.

Why IRND filters are so important

For natural and smooth looking motion

In video shooting, it is fundamental to keep the shutter speed fitting the frame rate setting, that is, to keep it equal to double the frame rate for optimal results. This is because, unlike still photography, an excessively fast shutter speed may create a jarring effect and produce afterimages that will not look good at all in the final video. 
As you can see from the image below, unlike still image, video clip is made of a sequence of still images. With low shutter speed, each still image will blur but will look smooth in the video sequence. On the contrary, a higher shutter speed will capture the object solid and sharp, but once in a video sequence all objects will appear separated, creating jarring and unnatural looking motion.