Polarpro Dji Inspire 1 / Osmo Cinema Series 3-Pack Filter

Polarpro Dji Inspire 1 / Osmo Cinema Series 3-Pack Filter

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The PolarPro DJI Inspire 1 / Osmo Cinema Series 3-Pack is for photographers who demand the best quality possible. This limited edition pack includes our Ultra High Definition multi-coated glass, which provides aerial photographers with the sharpest images possible. The lightweight aircraft aluminum frames are anodized gunmetal grey and weigh a mere 6.64 grams (ND/CP) and 5.47 grams (ND). These filters are most used in high-end and professional video production.

This limited edition fits: Inspire 1 (X3 and Z3) and OSMO

Included Filters:

3 Stop Polarizer (ND8/PL) (6.64g): The ND8/PL is a versatile filter, which reduces the cameras shutter speed by 3 stops while also providing polarization. Perfect for conditions that are too bright for the CP filter, the ND8/PL allows you to reduce the shutter speed 3 stops while also capturing beautifully saturated colours.

4 Stop Polarizer (ND16/PL) (6.64g): The ND16/PL provides 4 stops of shutter speed reduction while also providing polarization. This is our go-to filter for sunny days where we want to capture saturated colours and improve saturation.

5-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND32) (5.47g): The 5-Stop ND filter is what we use on extremely bright days. This filter is designed to take down the Inspire 1's shutter speed by 5 stops. This is a very dark filter so it should only be used where there is enough available light to reduce. We use this shooting in the desert or over snow on very bright days.

The Following guideline is a good starting point for when to use each filter while filming with your Inspire 1, Phantom 3, or Solo. The goal of this chart is to reduce the camera’s shutter speed to 1/60th to give areal videos a smooth cinematic look, rather than a choppy high shutter speed look. A popular way of filming aerial video is to have your shutter speed at double the frame rate. So if you are shooting 1080/60, then you want to try to achieve a 1/120th shutter speed. Or if filming 4K/30 or 24 you will want to be near 1/60th shutter speed.