Gary Fong Lightsphere Fashion & Commercial Kit Lsc-Sm-Fc

Gary Fong Lightsphere Fashion & Commercial Kit Lsc-Sm-Fc

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The Fashion and Commercial Lighting Kit is perfect for the discerning photographer who demands precision lighting. This kit offers a broad range of tools to support fashion photography, commercial and portrait photography. Giving you unlimited versatilely for achieving nearly any effect with dramatic lighting control.

This kit includes a Lightsphere Collapsible along with a WhiteDome, Speed Snoot with PowerGrid, the AmberDome, the GrayDome and our Colored Gel Kit, which all fits neatly into our portable custom Gear Bag. You can turn any environment into a professional studio in a matter of seconds, giving you the ultimate in creative control.

The Lightsphere Collapsible is of course the cornerstone to the Lightsphere® system. It provides a soft omnidirectional light for your indoor photography, or a beautiful fill light for outdoor photography. The speed strap design allows you to easily and securely mount the Lightsphere® to your flash, with the confidence that it will not fall off.

With the Speed Snoot, you can create dramatic low key lighting, and stunning spotlight portraits, anywhere, anytime.You can also use as a hairlight for your subject, while using the Lightsphere as your main light. Outdoors, you can turn day into night, and discover limitless creative control over your lighting.

The Color Gels fit directly inside the Speed Snoot, giving you the ability to create dramatic background lighting or by using radical custom white balancing techniques you can actually change the color of the entire world around your subject.

Rather than relying on your camera’s auto white balance settings, our GrayDome Color Correction tool allow you to measure accurate color using the Custom White Balance feature on your camera. The shape of this 18% grey color calibration dome ensures that light from all directions is calculated in the measurement of your subject, guaranteeing spot-on accurate color in a matter of seconds.

The AmberDome is a warming filter used for producing a dramatic warm light. It can be used indoor for portraiture, event photography, or during sunsets. When shot in conjunction with setting your camera on tungsten white balance, you can simulate blue skies on a cloudy day. Anywhere you would use a gold reflector you would use the AmberDome.