Buckram A3 Scrapbooking Album 3015A3BL

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Coral Coast A3 albums are large archival scrapbooks ideal for safe storage and display of photos, cuttings and collections.  With a page size large enough to accommodate big pictures such as class or group photos, large portraits, certificates and academic awards, and handy insert pages to allow the display of smaller photos and notes, these albums are sure to become a treasured record of your children's school years.

Bound in elegant wet-look archival black buckram, these Coral Coast scrapbook albums feature a window on the front cover, allowing you to easily insert an image of your choice. These high quality post-bound albums are made from archival quality materials, and suitable for use as large photo albums or scrapbooks, or A3 display books ideal for artists' or photographers' portfolios, professional or corporate presentations, etc. 

Each refillable album includes 20 post-bound clear archival pocket pages with white card inserts, allowing you to display 40 completed pages, or 20 double-sided A3 items. It's easy to take the white card inserts out to attach photos or other memorabilia, write notes or attach cuttings or labels, and then simply slide the inserts back into the clear plastic pocket.

Refills can be added to expand the albums as required.  We suggest a reasonable maximum of two sets of refills per album, but this depends very much on the weight and thickness of the scrapbook pages you create.