3 Legged Thing Punks Patti Tripod & AirHed Mini black

3 Legged Thing Punks Patti Tripod & AirHed Mini black

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Max Height (with AirHed) 1.63 m / 64 "

Max Height (without Airhed) 1.55m / 61 "

Max Height without column (with AirHed) 1.33 m / 52.25 "

Max Height without column (without AirHed)  1.25 m / 49.25 "

Min Height without column (with AirHed) 18.5 cm / 7.25 "

Min Height without column (without AirHed) 11 cm / 4.25 "

Folded Length 45.5 cm / 17.9 "

4 Section Legs / 1 Section Column

Flip Lock Mechanism

Load Capacity - 10 kg / 22 lb

Tripod Kit Weight 1.55 kg / 3.4 lb

Leg Angles 23º, 55º, 80º

Max Leg Tube Diameter 23 mm / 0.9 "

The pursuit of art and the pursuit of new ideas...

Challenging the very fabric of convention, Patti becomes 3LT's first female-named tripod, inspired by the great Patti Smith.

Flip Locks

Patti is the first of our tripods to use flip-leg locks. Formed from rugged, hard-wearing, ABS plastic, Patti’s flip locks have a smooth action which secures the legs in position.

Heavy Loads

Patti has a higher maximum load capacity than is usually found in tripods of this class. Able to support up to 10 kg / 22 lb, that’s more than enough for most mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Upside Down

Enabling photographers’ creativity, Patti includes a reversible and removable centre column, ideal for focusing on low-level subjects or shooting from an alternative perspective.

Designed For Everyone

With 4-section legs and a single column, Patti folds up to just 45 cm / 17.7 “ making her an ideal tripod to carry with you every day.

Optimum Leg Angles

To enable shooting from a variety of heights, Patti’s legs have three optimal angles – 23˚, 55˚, and 80˚. The widest angle allows photographers to shoot as low as 11 cm / 4.25 “.

Reversible Centre Column

For greater versatility, including macro and low-level shooting, Patti has a removable and reversible centre column.

Best in Class

Patti has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg / 22 lb – the largest capacity of any tripod in its class.

Get Attached

Our patented Tri-Mount plate offers three hollowed spurs for accessory attachments, and enables Patti to counter-fold, even when the column is removed.

A Range of Footwear

Patti has detachable rubber Little Bootz, which can be replaced with any of our foot accessories, for maximum stability on any terrain.