Lumu Light Meter White

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Turn your iPhone into a light meter.

Lumu is a Light, Color and Flash meter. All in one device. Because it's so small and convenient, you can always have it with you. Loved by thousands of photographers, cinematographers and lighting professionals.

  • Photo mode: Giving you parameters: time, f-number, ISO, EV, Lux.
  • Camera (reflected) mode: use your phone's camera as a reflective light meter
  • Average mode: Calculating average value or contrast between multiple measurements
  • Measure mode: showing EV and incident light level: lux/foot-candle value.
  • Notes: Storing measurements with camera info, location, notes, and a photo.
  • Settings: EV compensation (for calibrating or using ND filters), EV step (1EV or 1/3EV), custom wallpaper.