Ilford Multigrade Filters (00-5) 3.5"X3.5” (8.9X8.9Cm)

Ilford Multigrade Filters (00-5) 3.5"X3.5” (8.9X8.9Cm)

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Easy to use, speed matched filters with pre-defined grades. Designed to work with black & white photographic enlargers and colour enlargers in white light mode.

Ilford Multigrade Filters are a fantastic addition to any darkroom. With 12 evenly spaced, speed matched grades, they enable simple contrast control for all variable contrast papers and allow a wide range of negative types to be printed.

Multigrade Filters are numbered 00–5 in ½ step increments with the lowest filter number corresponding to the softest contrast. They are easy to use with no complicated calculations required when changing from one filter to another - the exposure time for filters 00–3½ is the same which then simply doubles for filters 4–5.

  • Ilford Multigrade Filters (00-5) 3.5x3.5” (8.9x8.9cm)
  • Simple contrast control
  • Speed matched with pre-defined grades
  • Half grade increments from 00 to 5
  • Above and below lens sets available
  • Compatible with all Multigrade papers